The Progression and Practical Class is 2-4 PM

The  Cultural/Extracurricular Activities Course is 1-2 PM or 4-5 PM

​Tai Chi Course is 2:30-4:30 PM

Registration Fee: $30 household/year
Book/Material Fee: $40 student/year (K3, PHK, PNK)

Book/Material Fee: $20 student/year (1st-10th Grades)
Tuition: $190 student/semester
Tuition: $360 student/year

Practical  Development Programs


3 hours/week 

2 hours on Sundays and two 30-minute online classes on weekdays

Children Course

Fall Semester: 09/12/21-01/16/22

Spring Semester: 01/23/22-05/22/22

Registration Fee: $30 household/year 
Tuition: $720 student/semester

Tuition: $1440 student/year

Adult Course

Session 1: 09/2021-11/2021

Session 2: 12/2021-02/2022

Session 3: 03/2022-05/2022

Registration Fee: $30 household/year
One session: $480 per single session

Two sessions: $900 per 2 of 3 sessions

Three sessions: $1300 per 3 sessions

Registration Fee: $30 household/year

Tuition: $140 student/semester
Tuition: $260 student/year

Tai Chi


2 hour/week

Registration Fee: $30 household/year

Tuition: $140 student/semester
Tuition: $260 student/year

Please mail and make your check payable to 
Wei Hwa Chinese School
P.O. Box 2931
Springfield, VA 22152-1599


1.  Wei Hwa Chinese School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.

2.  SY 21-22 language classes are 9/12/2021-5/22/2022. Activity and Tai Chi classes are 9/26/2021-5/08/2022.

3.  Registration Fee (per Household) is $30 per year.  

4.  The registration fee of $30 is non-refundable. The School does not offer a refund after 10/03/2021. A $35 late fee will be charged if you pay tuition after 9/26/21. A $25 service fee will be charged for any returned checks.

5.  For Dropping or changing a course/class, please fill out the “Class Exchange/Refund Form” and submit it to the School Office.

6.  If students stop attending Chinese school more than 3 years within the 12-year curriculum or within a single school year they are absent a number of weeks totaling more than one-third of the school year weeks, Wei Hwa Chinese school will only give a Certificate of Completion at the Graduation Ceremony, not a Graduation Certificate. This regulation applies to all students who attend graduation class.

7.  Families with a tuition voucher: please present your voucher at the time of registration.

8.  A $10 incentive is offered for introducing a new student to our school.