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Practical Development Programs

This course is specially designed for students with little to no Chinese exposure and meets an additional hour per week to help immerse students more in the language and culture. In addition to the in-person classes on Sundays from 2pm-4pm, two 30-minute online classes will also be scheduled some time between Monday through Friday, depending on teachers’ and students’ schedules. Students of all ages (from 7 to adults) are welcome to apply to either the Childrens’ Program or the Adult Program. Teaching materials and topics are carefully chosen to be of practical use and to be fun! Students of this program will learn relevant vocabulary and phrases to improve their fluency and ability to express themselves in Chinese.




Introductory Course

This course will focus on simple greetings, self-introductions, and basic phrases, with an emphasis on learning the four Chinese tones and accurate Chinese pronunciation. Students will have opportunities to practice these basic greetings through face to face practices as well as various media to create an engaging environment for students.

Beginner Course

This course will familiarize students with day to day life conversations. By learning commonly used phrases, establishing basic grammar and learning practical dialogue, students will build a strong foundation for learning more vocabulary to apply their basics to.

Intermediate Course

The course explores a wider range of topics related to daily life, including money, mathematics, cardinal directions, transportation, holidays, clothing and shopping. Students will expand their vocabulary and grammar and improve their communication skills by practicing conversations that model real life situations.

Advanced Course

The advanced course places an emphasis on improving students’ fluency and communication skills. Discussion topics include food and drinks, health and fitness, science and technology, entertainment and hobbies, occupations, and fashion. Students will build on their vocabulary and grammar, while teachers begin to weave subjects from other disciplines to encourage students to express their own thoughts in Chinese.

There will be a simple pre-assessment before the course to determine which level a student places in.

Children Course Description

  1. ​This course is designed for students ages 7-15.

  2.  Classe time every Sunday 9/10/23-5/19/24, 2-4 PM

  3. Tuition is $1300 per student per year.

  4. 2023-24 Classes avaliable -

    • Introductory course

    • Beginner course

    • Intermediate course (class pending)

    • Advanced course (class pending)

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Adult Course Description

  1. This course is designed for students ages 15 and above.

  2. There are 3 sessions spanning 33 weeks in a school year.

    • Session 1  09/2022-11/2022   

    • Session 2  12/2022-02/2023  

    • Session 3  03/2023-05/2023  

  3. Tuition is $1440 per student per year. Discounts are provided for more than one session per student.

    • One session      $480

    • Two sessions     $900

    • Three sessions $1300

  4. 2022~2023 Classes avaliable -

    • Introductory course

    • Beginner course

    • Intermediate course (class pending)

    • Advanced course (class pending)

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